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The mission of the Association is that by integrating all relevant actors in the field of forestry and wood processing, through the provision of services in providing information, business contacts and presenting clusters contributes to better competitiveness of the sector by applying modern technological and ecological principles and to open opportunities for creating new jobs with equal chances for all.


With proper management and adopting of European standards in forestry and wood industry, the developed approaches that value and protect the function of forests in terms of protecting the environment and biodiversity will be attained.
Improving productivity in forestry and wood processing companies will result in job creation.


Cluster objectives are:

  • creation and implementation of the strategy of members’ joint appearance on the market;
  • promptly informing of members about current trends in the economy;
  • to provide information to members on the condition and forecasts on domestic and foreign markets;
  • organization, independent and together with other organizations, of expert meetings, conferences, seminars and other forms of professional training for members in accordance with the objectives of the Cluster;
  • market research, trends tracking trends and information providing on new technologies and equipment for wood processing industry;
  • Monitoring of international tenders for the assignment of financial and material resources in the form of credit lines, donations and grants;
  • the fight against unfair competition and monopoly;
  • organization of systematic-professional training of key staff members;
  • presentation and representation of members in relations with the authorities of the Republic of Srpska and Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in relations with other legal entities, both within the country and abroad;
  • organization of joint appearances of members at fairs and gatherings of businessmen at home and abroad.

Development role

The developmental role of the Association is based on:

  • the sufficiency and quality of domestic raw materials;
  • the growing demand of wood products on markets of developed countries in the world, especially in the EU;
  • the relatively good condition required resources;
  • the current price competitiveness and opportunities for achieving non-price competitiveness of products;
  • the achievable export strategy;
  • the belief in the realization and maintenance of industrial and export-stimulating environment in the region.