Bratunac Municipality covers an area of 293 km2. The left bank of the river Drina, with a length of 68 km, represents the natural border of Bratunac with the neighboring Republic of Serbia (municipalities of Ljubovija and Bajina Bašta). Land along the river Drina, as plain strip covers 30% of the total territory of the municipality. In the municipality live 21.619 inhabitants (2013).
Bratunac, through which flows small rivers of Križevica and Glogovačka rijeka is situated in the plain zone of the municipality, at an altitude of 180 m. The entire territory of the municipality is in the zone of moderate continental climate.

Bratunac centar proljece

Independent economic activity in the municipality of Bratunac takes place within the 74 private companies and 345 independent stores. Overall, Bratunac private sector has the following structure of industry sector: trade 39%, manufacturing 25%, tourism 17%, transport 13.6%, other 5.4%. The above structure shows that the symbolic participation of production and production-service craft in private sector (industry, agriculture and construction), which is mainly due to the lack of significant start-up capital for purchase of equipment and organization of production, while dominates the participation of independent entrepreneurship in areas of trade, crafts and hospitality.