Municipality of Srebrenica is located in the northeast of Bosnia and Herzegovina, and the Republic of Srpska. It is located in the central part of the Drina River on which is leaning in the length of 22 km. It leans on Peruća Lake in the length of about 40 km.

Most of the pre-war potential (mainly the natural resources) can be used for post-war reconstruction and strategic economic development. This is primarily related to:

  • Mining (ore: lead, zinc, bauxite, silver, gold and other precious metals, stone exploitation and processing)
  • Spa tourism and medicinal – mineral water exploitation
  • Forestry and wood processing industry
  • Agriculture and food industry (farming, fruit, vegetables, livestock, apiculture, meat and meat products, milk, etc.),
  • Hydropower potential,
  • Tourism and ecological environment (water of Lake Perućac, landscapes of Sušica, “Bukova glava” Ski Center and healthy food, commemorative tourism-Potočari Memorial Center), Cultural and historical heritage,
  • Hunting and fishing,
  • Health (Geriatric Hospital, Guber Spa).

Srebrenica ljeto jesenBearing in mind that most of potential are proper natural resources, it creates conditions for production of certain products and providing of specific services such as: production of non-ferrous, rare and precious metals, production of sawn timber, plywood and hardboard panels, wooden and tin containers, stone floor slabs, tiles and stairs), not only for Bosnia and Herzegovina market but also beyond its borders. Large expanses of forest can be used for collecting of wild berries (blueberries, mushrooms, medicinal herbs) and their processing as well as for tourism, hunting and fishing.
Throughout the history of this region, forestry and wood processing were a major industry. Nowadays it is possible to achieve a sustainable level of production, through investment in additional equipment.
The basic hydrographic characteristics of Srebrenica is the proximity of the river Drina and the artificial reservoir of Lake Perućac on which is built hydroelectric power plant. Also important is the hunting ground of Sušica, which covers 10,000 hectares in the Drina River canyon between the mountains of Sušica and Tara. It is rich in capital game with especially famous examples of harvested bears, roe deer and chamois.
Drina Lake from Bajina Bašta to Višegrad is suitable for fishing, and for a trout production pond construction.
Studies have confirmed that in the vicinity of Srebrenica exist 48 sources of natural mineral iron-arsenic water of different strength and chemical composition. Guber water to drink in its natural state and cures hypochromic anemia, essential hypochromic anemia, chronic skin diseases, rheumatism of joints and muscles, rickets, neuro-vegetative disorders, non-specific adnexitis, infertility and so on. This water is recommended for diseases such as multiple sclerosis.

Agriculture in the region of Srebrenica always occupied a very important position. It was recognized as an important sector for economic development and replacement for employment due to the collapse of industry in post-war years.
The municipality has great natural potential for dealing with this branch of production. Favorable relief conditions created a deep, loose and moderately moist soil rich enough in humus and minerals in river valleys accumulated the semi alluvial and alluvial deposits of varying thicknesses.
About 50% of of arable land is considered to be a high quality and suitable for intensive production. This land is mostly located in the Drina valley and on plateaux. It is mostly flat with a slope of less than 8% and with an altitude of less than 300 m. Other parts of the region, on the slopes of hills and mountains with an altitude of 400 to 1500 m are primarily suitable for livestock and fruit production.
There are great opportunities for doing organic farming with respect to ecological preservation of the municipality area.
Srebrenica municipality has a total of 53,340 hectares of which 19,957 hectares is categorized as agricultural land and 31,867 ha as forests.