FMU Drina Srebrenica

Company name Public Forest Enterprise of the Republic of Srpska, Banja Luka
FMU “Drina” Srebrenica
Year of establishment and ownership: 1996, State-owned, public company
Activity: Exploitation, protection and cultivation of forests, nursery production and hunting.
Interests in partnerships: There is interest in cooperation in the field of forestry, as well as in environmental protection and tourism.
Contact Information:
– Director: Ratko Majstorović
– Address: Crni Guber 1, 75430 Srebrenica, BiH
– Tel./fax: +387 (0)56 440 012, 440 778
– E-mail:
– Web:

The total area of forests and forest land of this FMU is 39,589 hectares, of which:

high economic forests, 22.777 ha

high degraded forests, 2.488 ha

forest cultures, 2.920 ha;

coppice forests, 5.113 ha

the remaining part consists of shrubbery and bare lands, forests unsuitable for managing and land acquisition.

Sg Drina SrebrenicaThe growing stock is about 7.600.000 m3, and the forest annual growth is 6-8 m3/ha, for forest cultures is about 11 m3/ha.
The main products are forest wood assortments, i.e. sawmills and conifers logs, and pulpwood. These products are the input component of primary wood processing enterprises. Annual cut is around 76.500 m3 of all the mass of high forest with natural regeneration, 1.000 m3 of all the mass of high degraded forests, 2.000 m3 of all the mass of forest cultures and 1.250 m3 of all the mass of coppice forests totaling 80.750 m3 of overall mass.

FMU employs 109 employees and possesses FSC certification.
FMU is a major supplier of raw materials for wood processing from Srebrenica and Bratunac. Ten-year production plan foresees around 750.000 m3 of sawmills and 74.000 m3 of conifers.

Sg Drina SrebrenicaCurrent plans consist of a project of tourism development in the municipality of Srebrenica, the development of hunting in the hunting area of “Sušica”, which covers 9095 hectares, with an altitude from 291 to 1525 m. The types of hunting game in this hunting area are: wolf, bear, wild boar, fox, rabbit, deer and others. In the hunting ground is enabled recording and photo safari hunting. The capacity of eco-house in the hunting ground is 8 beds. There are plans for fishing facilities development, because of the richness in fish of the river Drina from Perućac Lake.