FMU Milići

Company name Public Forest Enterprise of the Republic of Srpska Banja Luka FMU „Milići“ Milići
Year of establishment and ownership: 2016, State-owned, public company
Activity: Production of solid wood panels, Hood elements, furniture and pieces of furniture, briquettes, mainly of beech and oak.
Interests in partnerships: There is interest of the Management Board for cooperation in the field of forestry, as well as the environmental protection and tourism.
Contact Information:
– Director: Igor Golić BSc in Forestry
– Address: Takovska 1, 75446 Milići, BiH
– Tel./fax: +387 (0)56 490 331
– E-mail:
– Web:

The total area of forests and forest land of this FMU is 12.366,76 ha, of which:

high economic forests, 6.760,56 ha

high degraded forests, 1.025,23 ha

forest cultures, 1.036,97 hah6>


coppice forests, 1.006,65 hah6>


areas unsuitable for afforestation and forest management 1.667,06 ha

area without forests (barren land) 59,56 ha

land acquisition 810,73 ha

SG MilićiThe annual allowable cut for the 2011-2020 period is about 45,659 m3 of the overall timber, or about 31,000 m3 of net felled timber and logging is around 26,000 m3 of timber products. Growing stock in areas in which manages is 2,634,779 m3, of which are sawmills 71.82% and 28.18% conifers. Average annual growth volume is around 8m3/ha. Forest openness to truck roads is 18 km/1000 ha. Each year, about 4 ha are afforested by sawmills and conifers plants. Maple, ash and oak of sawmill; and white pine, black pine and spruce od conifers. Management has 41 permanent employees and, if necessary, hires seasonal workers for supporting activities.
Public Forest Enterprise of the Republic of Srpska possesses a prestigious FSC certificate, and within them te FMU “Milici” manages according to FSC rules.

Sg Milići zgradaThe main products are forest wood products, i.e. sawmills and conifers logs and pulp and firewood. These products are the input component of primary wood processing enterprises. Per year, they cut about 10,000 m3 of sawmill logs (beech and maple), about 3000 m3 of conifer logs (fir and spruce), about 6000 m3 of pulpwood, and the rest is firewood and ore wood.
All of the manufactured timber assortment, and here we primarily refer to sawmills and conifer logs, is sold in the local market, mainly to local sawmills in the municipality of Milići, while the less worthy assortment is placed on the market of the Federation of BiH (pulp sawmills – Maglaj) and in major urban areas as firewood (Zvornik, Bijeljina).