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One of the key economic sectors on which is based the possibility of development in Bosnia and Herzegovina is, of course, the wood industry, which has a significant initial resources for its development. The region, which encompasses the area of the municipalities of Milići, Bratunac and Srebrenica is one of the regions in BiH, which has significant resources for improvement of the wood processing sector and forestry development on a sustainable basis.
In addition to the forest resources of this region and skilled labor force, developed entrepreneurship among the people from this area, which contributed to the formation of a large number of small and medium-sized enterprises engaged in primary, semi-final and final wood processing, which include the production: sawn timber, wood elements, building joinery, flooring, prefabricated houses, furniture, pellets, briquettes, wooden products and other wood products. These companies are creators of new jobs in this area. All this has made a significant contribution to the overall recovery of the region in the post-war period.

Recognizing the common interests in the business development, forestry and wood processing enterprises in this area have taken the initiative and with the support of the municipalities of Milići, Bratunac and Srebrenica and the UNDP have established Professional association of forestry and wood processing companies Cluster “Drina-Drvo”, in May 2007.
In accordance with good practice of clusters establishing in developed countries, companies that are members of the cluster have decided to join together to achieve mutual goals of production development, marketing objectives and to improve access to investment funds and to reach partner business relations with developed companies in this sector for future projects investment.
With this catalog we would like to present the main characteristics of this region, the objectives of our Association, as well as all of our members with the basic characteristics of their business and the products they offer, and the interests for partnerships.
I would like to invite all interested potential partners, as well as other stakeholders, that recognize the interests and opportunities for cooperation with our Association and its members to contact us and to express our readiness for future joint projects and cooperation.