Boksit Inc Milići

Company name Kompanija „Boksit a.d. Milići“- Wood Processing Sector
Year of establishment and ownership: 1959 Joint stock company
Activity: Primary, secondary and final wood processing (beech and other hardwoods, fir and spruce).
Interests in partnerships: There is interest of the company for strategic partnership in improving the final production, as well as in sales and marketing.
Contact Information:
– Director: Sector Executive Director: Slaviša Lukić
– Address: Trg Rudara 1, 75446 Milići
– Tel./fax: +387 (0)56 745-760/ 745-761; GSM: +387 (0)66 349-032
– E-mail:
– Web:

Sector “Drvoprerada”, which operates as a profit center under the Company “Boksit” a.d. Milići, began its work in 2010, when the Company “Boksit bought at auction the bankrupted company “6. Avgust” Milići.
Immediately afterwards, the repair and reconstruction has been done, new equipment was purchased so that the sector in a short time grew into a modern factory of wood industry.
boksit ad Milići drvoprerada The wood processing sector in organizational and technological sense has two key units: 1) primary and secondary wood processing 2) final processing (production of solid wood panels and solid wood furniture).
Primary processing has line slots of annual capacity of approximately 20.000 m3 for material steaming (indirect steaming system), automated dryers for artificial drying of timber of 650 m3 per shift capacity, modern line for dry material decimation.
Final processing has driven for production of solid wood panels (finger-joint) of annual capacity of approximately 1.800 m3 and for solid wood furniture production (with equipment of the latest generation such as 5-axis CNC machining center, modern line for grinding and polishing, etc.).
Principal assortment of the wood processing sector is based mainly on the processing of beech and oak and other broadleaves and fir/spruce in production of solid wood furniture (beds, tables, cabinets, cupboards, closets, office furniture, etc.) which are predominantly sold on the EU market.
This production is followed by design studio with its own furniture design and quality technical preparation, edge-glued panels (breadth and width-length sequential plates), for furniture, beech and oak dried lumber and elements and J/S sawn timber and elements.

boksit krevetThe aim of the Company, summarized in the slogan “A Step Ahead …” is to become a regional leader in the wood industry, especially in the area of final wood processing, with emphasis on product quality and meeting the needs of customers.