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Company name DOO„6. maj“ d.o.o. Milići
Year of establishment and ownership: 1991 Private company
Activity: Primary wood processing, production of beech cut lumber.
Interests in partnerships: The company is interested in partnership through joint investment in final production.
Contact Information:
– Director: Svetlan Savić
– Address: Mišići br 212, 75446 Milići, BiH
– Tel./fax: Tel.:++387 (0)56 740 190; Fax: ++387 (0)56 745 070
– E-mail:
– Web: /

The company has 1.323 m2 of covered production space and 2.000 m2 of open, manipulative space. It owns equipment for production of sawn timber, with a capacity of 4000 m3 of logs per year. In addition, the company also has a chamber for steaming and drying of 2.000 m3 per year capacity. To transport the necessary raw material (logs) company has provided its own capacities. The company employs 25 workers.

doo 6 maj Milići
The main products are beech dry and raw wood lumber and planed elements for production solid beech wood panels. Annually, the company produces about 1.600 m3 of sawn timber.

The company mainly exports products (55% of total production) to the markets of Germany, Croatia and Serbia. The remaining part of the production (45%) is sold in the domestic market in Bosnia and Herzegovina.
6 Maj doo Milići