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Company name „GAMA-PROM» d.o.o. Bratunac
Year of establishment and ownership: 1996 Private company
Activity: Production of construction joinery (doors and windows) and making of fir, spruce, beech and oak interiors.
Interests in partnerships: There is interest in partnerships with industrial companies for joint investments in extending of production and markets.
Contact Information:
– Director: Slobodan Cvijetić
– Owner: Mićo Gavrić
– Address: Svetog Save bb, 75420 Bratunac, BiH
– Tel./fax: +387 (0)56 410 150; Mob. +387 (0)65 687 160
– E-mail:
– Web: /

The company currently has two manufacturing facilities and 1.100 m2 and 600 m2, 2 canopy roofs of 1000 m2, administrative building of 440 m2, auxiliary workshops (mechanic and weld) and 1.7 hectares of construction land. Production capacities are: lines for primary processing, brent; cross miter, band saw and lines for final processing, hydraulic press and 2 thicknesser, 2 drags, 1 table milling machine and surface track grinder-sanders. In addition the company also has a transport capacity of 3 trucks with forest cranes and 3 forklifts. Currently, the usage of production capacity is about 80%. The company has 32 permanent employees and 10 seasonal workers.

Gama Prom doo Bratunac
The company’s products are: building doors (entrance and room) and windows of standard dimensions (fir, spruce and oak) and the wood flooring, sawn lumber and sawn timber. Semi-finished products are planks, cut strips and cut elements. The company annually processes an average of about 5.000 m3 in the primary processing and produces some 2000 m2 of joinery.
Products are sold to foreign and domestic market, namely: Belgium, Croatian, Serbian and BiH. Customers are manufacturers of solid wood furniture and manufacturers of various wood products and wholesale businesses.

Gama Prom doo Bratunac