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Company name „PETROPROJEKT» d.o.o. Bratunac
Year of establishment and ownership: 1996 Private company
Activity: Production of solid wood panels, Hood elements, furniture and pieces of furniture, briquettes, mainly of beech and oak.
Interests in partnerships: There is interest in partnerships with large industrial companies and final producers.
Contact Information:
– Director: Janko Petrović
– Address: Drinska br.115, 75420 Bratunac, BiH
– Tel./fax: +387 (0)56 410 325; Fax: +387 (0)56 410 275
– E-mail:
– Web:

The company currently has a total of 60.000 m2 of space capacity of which 14.000 m2 of production space and 300 m2 of business premises. Production capacities consist of: lines for the production of panel of 600 m3 capacity, lines for primary processing (slot) of 70 m3 per day capacity, steaming capacity of 50 m3 per cycle, drying capacity of 2.000 m3 in one cycle, processing lines capacity of 50 m3 per day. The company intensively invests in expansion and modernization of the department of furniture whose capacities are 25.000 pieces of furniture with a share of around 30% in total production on an annual basis. In addition, the company also has a line for crushing, grinding and making briquettes, capacity of 24 tons per day. Currently, the use of production capacity is about 90%. The company has 315 employees.
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The Company’s products are solid panels, furniture and pieces of furniture, scraped various elements and briquettes made of hard wood. Annually company produces an average of around 7.000 m3 of finished products.
The products are mainly exported (around 90%) to the markets of: Germany, France, Denmark, South Korea, Switzerland, the Netherlands and England. Customers are mainly trading companies and final parts manufacturers.
It is fully implemented a management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 and the company possesses FSC standard quality.
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