Promil Ltd Milići

Company name „PROMIL“ d.o.o. Milići
Year of establishment and ownership: 1998 Private company
Activity: Primary wood processing, production of fir and sprude lumber.
Interests in partnerships: The company is interested in partnership with industrial companies in production capacity and market expansion.
Contact Information:
– Director: Branko Stjepanović
– Address: Igrište bb, 75446 Milići, BiH
– Tel./fax: +387 (0)56 740 025; GMS: +387 (0)65 818 582
– E-mail:
– Web: /

The main products are fir and spruce sawn timber. Annually the company processes about 5.000 m3 logs and 3.500 m3 of sawn timber. The Company employs 11 workers.

Promil  doo Milići
The Company exports products to the markets of Serbia, Macedonia and China.
It has been planned construction of two prefabricated halls and installation of equipment for the production of laminated panels, width and length connecting panels and multi-layer lamellas. In addition, the owner plans to invest in means of transport (2 trucks) for transportation of raw materials and transport of sawn timber to the customer.

Promil  doo Milići