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Company name „SAMATINI“ d.o.o. Milići
Year of establishment and ownership: 1996 Private company
Activity: Production of three-layer parquet and middle layer for three-layer parquet.
Interests in partnerships: There is interest in partnerships with industrial companies for joint investments in starting production of three-layer parquet.
Contact Information:
– Director: Milenko Lalović
– Address: Podgora bb, 75446 Milići, BiH
– Tel./fax: Tel. +387 (0)56 745 500; Fax: +387 (0)56 741 101
– E-mail:
– Web:

The company currently has 2.000 m2 of production area. It has a capacity of 650 m3 of drying facilities. Production capacities consist of line for cutting logs, lines for middle layer and the power plants (automatic). At present, the use of production capacity is about 65%. The company has a total of 95 employees.
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Currently, the company produces three-layer parquet and middle layer that is used in the manufacture of three-layer parquet, as well as supporting and insulating part, from conifers (fir and spruce). Annually, the company produces an average of about 30.000 m3 of three-layer parquet and 300.000 m3 of middle layer for three-layer parquet.
The market for these products include all EU countries and Russia, where this parquet is represented with 69% in relation to all other floor coverings, in particularly the most important are markets of: Belgium, Austria, Germany and Italy, with growth trend in the coming years.

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