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Company name „WOOD IMPEX“ d.o.o. Milići
Year of establishment and ownership: 1996 Private company
Activity: Primary and semi final wood processing (beech and other hardwoods).
Interests in partnerships: There is interest in partnerships with industrial companies for joint investments in extending of production and markets.
Contact Information:
– Director: Zoran Kazimirović
– Address: Podgora bb 75446 Milići, BiH
– Tel./fax: +387 (0)56 741 123; GSM: +387 (0)65 526 440
– E-mail: zoran@drinadrvo.com
– Web: www.wood-impex.com

Spatial capacities of the Company comprise a total of 14.000 m2 of paved area with adequate utility infrastructure.
Production capacities consist of: primary cutting lines of 7.000 m3 capacity per year, drying plant of 500 m3 per cycle capacity, steaming plant of 60 m3 capacity and tailor-processing lines elements plant.
Production equipment is of Italian and German origin. The company also has significant storage and manipulative space.
The total number of employees is 30 workers.
wood-impex doo Milići
The Company’s products are primarily made of beech and other hardwoods. Produced elements are mainly used in flooring, length and width-sequential plates and other components for furniture industry per customer requirement. Annually, the Company produces about 3.000 m3 of wood assortments.
The products are exported to Western European market (95% of total production): Sweden, Denmark, Belgium (60%), Austria (20%), and Slovenia (15%). The domestic market is represented by only 5%. Customers are wholesalers (60%) and manufacturers (40%).

Wood Impex doo Milići